Moniack Mhor Tea Break – Online talks with leading writers

Although it saddens us not to be able to currently offer residential courses, we are excited that during this time we are able to reflect on past courses and broader work by bringing you a series of pre-recorded online sessions. We are extremely lucky to have worked with some of the finest writers in the UK and are delighted to have their support in delivering these events.

We hope they will provide some insight and learning that you can apply to your own work. Each session will focus on a different aspect of the writing process and provide ideas to try in your own time.

They can be accessed free of charge but if you are able to, please consider making a small donation below. Every donation supports our ongoing work whilst the centre is closed due to the coronavirus situation, and also contributes to our aim of making opportunities for everyone to participate in creative writing.

Talking about ‘Building Plot and Managing Tension’ with Joanne Harris

A chance to catch up with author Joanne Harris in her shed as she discusses the fundamentals of plot structure and tension in building a novel. Joanne’s talk was originally delivered as a Moniack Mhor Online event on 12th August 2020.
Special thanks to Joanne for allowing us to further share her insights here.


Talking about ‘The Last Draft?’ with James Robertson

Author James Robertson discusses the process of redrafting a long piece of fiction. For James, the first draft is always the hardest part of writing a book: after that the real fun begins. But what are you aiming to achieve when you work through several drafts of your work? Is it about fine-tuning or major reconstruction? James gives advice on the essential elements of redrafting, and a list of tips to make your finished work as good as it can be.

James’s talk was originally delivered as a Moniack Mhor Online event on 6th August 2020. Special thanks to James for allowing us to further share his insights here.


Talking about Character with Val McDermid and Mary Paulson-Ellis

Join our patron, Val McDermid, and Mary Paulson-Ellis as they discuss their writing, eat cake and dispense advice on creating character. We greatly appreciate the time that Val and Mary have given to make this opportunity possible to share with you here.

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