Writing Exercise #11: Song Lyrics

Writing Exercise 11 – Song Lyrics

Choose your favourite song title or song lyric, or even part of a lyric will do – make sure it’s a line that really gets your imagination fired up. Then take the title or lyric and use it as the title for a poem or a short story. Your piece can be as long or as short as you like, it can go in any direction you want. Let your imagination run wild!

Or if you don’t want to choose just one line, listen to the whole song and see if it sparks any ideas for a piece of work. Do the lyrics talk about particular emotions, like falling in love, or breaking up? Could you use them to create a poem or piece of prose? Or does the song tell a story that you could put a twist on?

Make sure you have fun with your exercise, and remember song lyrics can provide endless story ideas – they can be a way to tap into your characters’ minds, or completely new worlds you never thought to explore!

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