Moniack Mhor Mentoring

Moniack Mhor’s programme offers a bespoke approach to mentoring. Put simply, it supports writers, poets and songwriters at every level of ability and at every stage of the creative process.

Our mentors are professional artists with tutoring and mentoring experience, who often lead our residential courses.  You can request as many tailor-made sessions as required.

Perhaps you want to refine a short story, a poem or a song you’ve written in one two-hour session? Or perhaps you could benefit from longer-term support for your work in progress? By discussing your expectations, we’ll try to create your ideal mentoring experience.

My mentor spent a lot of time, above and beyond, with me and provided written feedback and tips. He also pointed me in a different form direction which suited my style – I doubt I would have found it by myself.

Jay Wilson
From picture books to poetry and everything in between, browse our mentoring models below

If you already have a project in mind please fill in this online enquiry form and email us on to let us know you’ve completed it. The form will help us to better understand how we can support you, and we’ll be back in touch once we’ve read it.

Meet our Mentors

Moniack Mhor mentors are professional writers with tutoring and mentoring experience, who often lead our residential courses. Here you can ...

Fiction/ Non-Fiction

Our fiction and non-fiction mentors can help writers working in the genres of Literary Fiction, Crime, Young Adult, Middle Grade ...

Picture Books

Whether you’re an author, illustrator or both, our mentors can assist with everything from fine-tuning your rough sketches to bringing ...


Our poetry mentors can assist with all aspects of the process, whether that’s developing your voice, fine-tuning poetic form or ...

Playwriting/ Screenwriting/ Radio Plays

Our mentors can help writers working in the forms of Playwriting, Screenwriting and Radio Plays. The mentoring models below can ...


Our songwriting mentors are available to assist at any stage of your songwriting journey, however early in the process you ...

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