About the Courses

Moniack Mhor offers courses suitable for anyone who is writing, be it making final edits or taking those first steps to put words on a page. Our tutors are established professionals who understand the needs of writers at all stages, and they are always generous with their time and experience.


Starting out courses offer support, inspiration and tools to help the words flow. Most of our courses will be suited to those at the beginning of their writing journey. 

Courses tailored to those interested in writing in a certain genre are indicated in the course description or title, eg Writing for Young Adults. However, we’ve had fiction writers take part in crime courses to get help with plot structure, and established novelists attending poetry courses to develop use of  language.

If you are a more experienced writer, you may get more from a tutored retreat.

Things to consider are the type of course or retreat, the length, the genre and your own experience as a writer. Think also about what you hope to gain from joining us at Moniack Mhor as part of our writing community.


Courses at a glance

Tutored Courses – 2 tutors, 5 nights, group workshops, guest reader, 2 x 30-min one-to-one tutorials (NB shorter courses run for 3 nights with no guest and just one tutorial)

Tutored Retreats – 2 tutors, 5 nights, no workshops, guest reader, one 45-60min one-to-one tutorial with each tutor

Retreats – just you, your writing and other writers in the same house for one or two weeks

Day Workshops – 1 tutor, morning and afternoon group workshops in one day

Gaelic Programme – day workshops or residential courses delivered partly or entirely through the medium of Gaelic

Moniack Mhor Online – group workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one mentoring delivered online

Young Writers Programme – tutored residential and outreach activities for young writers.

Creativity and Care – tutored residential and outreach activities for care experienced young writers.


Food at Moniack Mhor 

Food is included in the price of all our courses and retreats. We strive to cater for all dietary requirements and always provide vegetarian options. Please, if possible, tell us your special requests at time of booking – due to our location, it’s usually easier for us to source items in advance.  

Breakfast is ‘help yourself’ from our well-stocked kitchen – oats, eggs, cereals, toast, yoghurt, fresh fruit, juices, teas, coffee etc.  

Lunch is served buffet style at 1pm. 

Evening meals at 6.30pm are simple but satisfying. Staff cook the first night. The rest of the week your group will cook dinner in teams – you will be asked to help once during your stay. Staff will meet cooking teams in the kitchen at 4pm to provide recipes, ingredients and all necessary information to get you started. 

All of our staff involved with preparing and serving food have up-to-date elementary Food Hygiene training and certification.

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