We are honoured to have the support of Carol Ann Duffy, Liz Lochhead, Jackie Kay, Val McDermid, Mairi Hedderwick and James Robertson as patrons.

For me to be asked to be a patron of Moniack Mhor Writing Centre is a triple delight and honour. Moniack Mhor’s location is wild and ‘islanded’, its staff and ethos are warm (log fires) and welcoming (full larders), and it is Scotland’s first Independent Writing Centre. Three fine essentials for literary exploration and inspiration whether author, tutor or student.

Mairi Hedderwick, Patron

I am delighted to be a patron of Moniack Mhor. I’ve had many years of inspiration from the surrounding land and the magical house, the big bothy and the wee croft. Moniack Mhor is a special place which firmly helps people on their imaginative and creative journeys. The road forks and it stops at Moniack. Down the short hill, the vista opens. I’m proud to be involved in a place that makes things possible for so many different people from all over the world.

Jackie Kay, Patron

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