Highland Cows – a poem

Writer Jacqui Millar wrote this poem, inspired by the neighbors who reside in the field next to us. She has kindly allowed us to share it with you here.


Highland Cows- Moniack 2016

It is November and the year has turned.

Coarse reed like grass

prevails over a softer undergrowth,

times are harder.

The cattle, reluctant to venture far,

huddle around the feeder,

and eyeball me through shaggy fringes.

Calm and curious.

Their warmth radiates and

invites me in

to join the younglings

hugging the flanks of their elders.

Invites me to feel the anchoring safety

of feet sinking into sticky yielding ground.

I turn and look out, and out,

to the far snow capped hills,

where I walk across bleak gullies skewered by snow,

hear long gone boots crunch in crisp snow,

echoes of laughter

and a time ambushed by infinity….

I turn back to the still, patient, gaze of the animals

and am comforted by their stoic endurance.

You can follow Jacqui on Twitter or investigate her Blog.

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