Writing Exercise #14: A Note Discovered

Writing Exercise 14 – A Note Discovered

This month’s writing exercise is inspired by a note recently discovered in one of the rooms at Moniack Mhor, almost exactly a year after it was written. It said, ‘When you find me, smile and give Cashew a hug’ – for context, Cashew, the border collie belongs to our centre director and frequently welcomes guests to Moniack on their arrival!

So for this exercise, write a poem or short story about a note that is found in an unlikely place. Maybe the note was written by someone you know, an encouraging thought, or something more sinister, like a secret or a threat. Or maybe the note was written by a stranger and you found it somewhere completely unexpected – perhaps in the back of a library book or down the side of a bus seat. Try and think outside the box… or maybe you found the note in a box!

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