Meet the Team

Every part of Creativity & Care is led by care-experienced young people, and supported by our team of partners.

The programme is led by Mhor Creative’ our Advisory Group made up of care experienced young people, who lead on the decision making and direction of the programme. Currently, the group consists of around 10 young people from across Scotland.

The group and all events, workshops, and taster sessions are supported by the Moniack Mhor Creativity and Care Team.

Jon Davies

I’m Jon Davies, the Creative Learning and Programme Manager for Moniack Mhor’s Creativity and Care Programme. It’s a real privilege working for Moniack Mhor and be able to offer care experienced young people across Scotland, access to creative opportunities.

The Creativity and Care programme is a fantastic partnership and vital resource for young people to develop themselves and their creative endeavours. Being led by our Mhor Creative – our advisory board of young people, I know the programme is in safe hands.

Personally, I love Lego, gaming and spending time with my partner Meg and our Corgi, Wilson. I’ve always loved comics, graphic novels and reading and I’ve been inspired to read even more, since joining the Moniack team who devour books!

At the moment my favourite read is Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and The Sun, a sad but inspiring story that I would highly recommend.

Vicky MacRae

Alongside Jon and Edel, I help with the everyday administration for the programme, assist at any C+C events and run the ‘Young Moniack’ social media accounts. I love coming to work every day and getting to know all of you lot- our participants!

Working as part of a Creative Writing Centre, of course I enjoy reading and writing for my own pleasure. In saying that, my favourite activity outside of work is going to the theatre. You just can’t beat it!

Edel Rae

My name is Edel and in October 2023 I was invited to join Moniack Mhor’s Creativity and Care team as Personal Development Facilitator.  In collaboration with Jon and Vicky I help to devise, develop and deliver a wide range of creative opportunities for care experienced young people throughout Scotland. Like Vicky, I love theatre but I love poetry even more. (Picture coming!)

Get in touch with us anytime on or 01463 592828 

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