4: Marketing Masterclass

Online Music Marketing Masterclass with Corrie Campbell and Hannah Innes

25th September 2023

This music marketing masterclass will be a one-stop shop for learning and honing the fundamental skills you need to market your new music.

These days, making music just isn’t enough. A recent estimate suggested 50% of a musician’s time should be spent on marketing, whether that’s on newsletters, branding, TikTok, YouTube, podcasts or media interviews. This will ensure your music reaches new audiences and has the potential to open up new opportunities, be that for collaboration or to showcase your talent.

From what you’ll need for the perfect Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and must-have details for your website, to how to sell yourself on social media and engage with the media, this two-hour session will give artists the chance to learn the essentials of music marketing. The session will involve a presentation, alongside the opportunity to take part in some interactive activities that put the skills participants have learned to the test. We’ll have a group discussion / Q&A touching on individuals’ experiences of music promotion and answering any lingering questions.

Corrie Campbell and Hannah Innes are co-directors of Innes and Campbell Communications – an independent Scottish communications company with a particular expertise in the music, culture and events sectors.

The company works year-round on multi-channel strategies and campaigns for a whole host of individuals and organisations. From festival launches to new album announcements, Innes and Campbell Communications are skilled at building an engaging narrative that makes audiences sit up and take note.

The business has been built on and is driven forward by a passion for arts and music in Scotland. Clients include the likes of Celtic Connections, Tiree Music Festival, Speyfest, HebCelt, Piping Live! and the Royal National Mòd and the team has worked with more than 200 musicians on their communication goals.

Corrie and Hannah both have over 10 years’ experience working in PR and communications, with careers spanning digital content and copywriting, consumer PR, corporate communications and media relations, both in agency and in-house roles.

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