Online: A Year of Writing with Elizabeth Reeder – Term 3

Online: A Year of Writing with Elizabeth Reeder – Term 3

Date(s) - Wed 14th Sep - Wed 21st Dec, 2022
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Elizabeth Reeder’s online course, A Year of Writing, continues throughout this year and the third term begins on 14 September.

Each season will include a variety of craft workshops, writing spaces and one to one time with course leader Elizabeth Reeder. Your  group of up to 12 writers will meet together with Elizabeth six times during the term. 

The craft sessions will include a discussion, close-reading and writing exercise-based session.

Each writer will receive a one-to-one tutorial with Elizabeth each term where you can submit up to 5,000 words and then discuss it in a 40-minute session. 

Heading into autumn, in Term 3 we’re going to coorie into our writing. We’re going to think into the shapes a writing practice can take, perhaps toying with the idea of writing each day between our first session on 14 September and the spring equinox (yup that’s 186 days) in ways playful, useful, wild.

Craft sessions will be informed by the interests and needs of the writers on the course, and this term include writing into place, and workshopping methods and practice in small groups.

Writing Spaces are where we get together on Zoom and write. That’s it. We write in the company of each other and have a bit of chat before and after. At the end of each term, we will share our work with each other.  

This course has a limited number of places for writers to join us. You can join on a term by term basis or book the whole year. If you choose term by term we will do our best to give you first choice to allow you to participate in the following term.

Each term will include:

  • Two craft sessions per term of two hours
  • Three writing spaces per term of two hours (the first includes an introduction)
  • A seasonal sharing space to share your work with the group
  • A one-to-one tutorial of 40 minutes to discuss 5,000 words which you submit to Elizabeth, one each term

The course will take place from 6pm to 8pm UK time on the following Wednesdays:

Term 3 dates

14 September 2022 – Introduction, writing space with optional prompt

28 September – craft session on writing into place (and going through a workshopping method)

12 October – writing space with optional text prompt 

2 November – craft session as writing workshop

7 December – writing space

21 December – a winter solstice ceilidh of readings


Term 4 (provisional dates)

January – writing space

January – craft session

February – writing space 

February – craft session

March – writing space

March – sharing session


Further information on the course

A four-season writing course led by Elizabeth Reeder, author of An Archive of Happiness (Penned in the Margins, Sep 2020)

This is a year-long (run term by term) course intended to support you and your writing process as you undertake a long-form fiction or creative non-fiction project. The premise is that by writing in the company of others, figuring out what sort of habits, goal setting and flexibility work for you, discussing elements of craft and process, and what will bring the most joy as you write, even if it’s bloody tough at times – you will have more resources to complete a longer project. In this course we will meet roughly fortnightly with a mixture of Craft and Process Workshops with Writing Space meetings. Each semester we will also have a session in which we talk about and share our work.  The quieter Writing Space sessions are about setting aside time to write with other writers. Each term, Elizabeth will read one submission from each of you and you will have a one-to-one Zoom tutorial to discuss your work and process. 



You will have a one-to-one tutorial per term, with a submission of up to 5,000 words. Tutorials will be arranged at the start of each term. Please submit your piece of writing at least a week before your tutorial date (as agreed with Elizabeth) to enable Elizabeth to read your work in advance. Your submission should be sent direct by email to Your tutorial will take place via Zoom and you will be sent log-in details by email, with a reminder 30 minutes before the tutorial is due to commence. 



This course is now fully booked. Please contact us on or 01463 741 675 to be added to the waiting list.

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