Covid Safety and Catering

Last updated 11th May 2022

We are pleased to report that in line with government guidance face coverings are now optional at Moniack Mhor. You can view the latest government guidance here:

We still have extensive health and safety measures in place including increased hygiene procedures. 

Everyone at Moniack Mhor wants you to have a fulfilled, nurturing and productive stay whilst using the facility. Moniack Mhor has conducted rigorous risk assessments ahead of opening for residencies and retreats (please do ask if you would like a copy).

Food at Moniack Mhor 

In general, the meals will work a little differently at different times of the day, so here is a brief overview of how the day will be structured:  


This is the only meal for which a member of staff will not be present. Breakfast is buffet style and will be laid out the night before. Tea and coffee are available as is a designated fridge containing milk and other perishable items; again, we ask you to sanitise your hands before and after handling these facilities. 


For those that find the stretch until lunch a little too far, snacks will be available between 10 and 11 in the morning from the kitchen. It will be laid out by our staff, and you are welcome to help yourself.  


A buffet lunch and drinks will be ready at around 1pm in the kitchen. Please sanitise your hands before serving yourselves. 

Afternoon Tea 

Much like elevenses, snacks will be laid out by a member of staff between 3 and 4 for anyone who needs a little something extra between lunch and dinner. 


Dinner is a 2-course meal, and currently the first dinner of the week upon your arrival on the Monday evening is provided by the staff at 7pm. At the end of October this year, we moved back to our original model of participant-led mealtimes, where you are asked to take a role in our food provision by joining one cooking team for the Tuesday – Friday evening meals. Once you have taken a turn of cooking and tidying up once during the week, the rest of the time is your own. 

We will ask you to allocate yourself to one of these evenings when you arrive, as your support makes it much easier for us to continue to deliver our food infrastructure.  

Being part of the cooking team involves joining our daytime chef at 4pm for a walk through and to be shown ingredients. Some of the preparation may be done ahead of time for you, for instance, pudding. The cooking team will also be responsible for clearing up and doing the dishes.  

Please do let us know if you have any questions in advance of your stay relating to these chores.  


Tea and Coffee Facilities

Facilities to make tea and coffee will of course be available throughout the day; we simply ask that you sanitise hands before and after using the shared equipment – handwashing facilities and pump-action sanitiser will be placed near to any points where needed. 

You are welcome to join in the company of your fellow writers for meals; however, you are also welcome to have your meals in your room. Please just tell us a day in advance if you would like this option. You are also welcome to take your meals outside.  

You will also not be required to do any washing up at mealtimes unless part of the ‘tidy up team’ for the evening; but please take care of any breakfast dishes, cups and glasses used outwith structured mealtimes by stacking them in the trays by the dishwasher.  

We will be here to support you as normal and you can interact with us, as with your fellow writers, in line with social distancing guidelines.  


We hope that our catering model you will enjoy the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your writing free from domestic distractions, while also keeping you safe.

Everyone on our team very much looks forward to welcoming you back and chatting about writing once again!  

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