Tutored Course

Tutored courses start on a Monday evening with a welcome talk from staff at 6.30pm who will then join you for a meal. Your two tutors will lead an introductory session after dinner. Tutored Courses usually include workshops each morning from one or both of your tutors. A buffet lunch is provided at 1pm. Afternoons provide time free to write or explore the surroundings, as well as a 30-minute one-to-one tutorial with each tutor during the week.

Evenings are often spent in the company of your group. Tutors will read from their own work on a Tuesday, and lead a sharing of your work at an informal ceilidh on Friday. A guest author usually joins you on Wednesday for dinner, followed by a reading from their work and a Q&A session.


    2404 Songwriting with Kathryn Williams and Dan Willson, Guest Reader Louis Abbott
    Mon 22nd Jan - Sat 27th Jan
    Fully Booked

    Unleash your inner songwriter, find your voice, and connect through music in an immersive week of workshops, co-writing sessions, and inspiring performances for all levels of experience.

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    2406 Fiction with Ross Raisin and Kim Sherwood, Guest Reader Ron Butlin
    Mon 5th Feb - Sat 10th Feb

    Navigate the final stretch of your novel-writing journey with expert guidance. Our intensive workshop series will equip you with the tools to overcome hurdles, refine your narrative, and reach the triumphant finish line.

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    2407 Historical Fiction with Margaret Elphinstone and Vicky MacKenzie, Guest Reader S.I. Martin
    Mon 12th Feb - Sat 17th Feb

    Uncover the art of crafting vivid historical fiction – from meticulous research to imaginative leaps into the past.

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