Tutored Retreat

Tutored Retreats start on a Monday evening with a welcome talk from staff at 6.30pm who will then join you for a meal. Your two tutors will lead an introductory session after dinner.

Tutored Retreats have a stronger focus on the longer (up to one hour) one-to-one sessions with each of your tutors, providing more time for in-depth feedback on your work in progress.

Evenings are often spent in the company of your group. Tutors will read from their own work on a Tuesday, and lead a sharing of your work at an informal ceilidh on Friday. A guest author usually joins you on Wednesday for dinner, followed by a reading from their work and a Q&A session.


    2349 Tutored Retreat: Fiction with Amanda Smyth and Kevin MacNeil, Guest Reader Jenny Brown
    Mon 4th Dec - Sat 9th Dec
    Fully Booked

    This week-long tutored retreat offers an opportunity to focus intensively on a work-in-progress.

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