Outreach – Schools & Youth Groups

Creative Writing for Schools and Youth Groups

Moniack Mhor offer writing workshops to groups of young people all over the Highlands, including young people in primary and secondary schools or in youth groups, as well as young people in care, at alternative education centres, and in health and support organisations.

Sessions can range from poetry, fiction, nature writing, producing picture books, playwriting, or songwriting. If you have a specific project or focus you would like to work with we can tailor a single workshop or a series of workshops to your needs.

Moniack Mhor at your location

Our aim is to increase opportunities for young people in Scotland to access the support and expertise of our creative writing community. By bringing our tutors to you, we make writing possible for people who may otherwise struggle to reach Moniack Mhor’s remote location.

Get in touch with us by using our online enquiry form, or email us at youngwriters@moniackmhor.org.uk

Please ask about our Young Writers Bursary if your school or group needs help with fees.


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