Another Moniack Mhor inspired poem.


Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of writers from the Scottish Book Trust.

Moniack Mhor is an inspirational place, as you will know if you’ve ever been. One of the course participants, Ciara MacLaverty, was inspired to write this wonderful poem.



Women Tell Each Other They are Gorgeous at Moniack Mhor   

It’s like we have been starved of each other,
though we have only just met
and we are keen to make up for lost time,
leaning our stripy-topped bosoms on the table,
slapping our hands on its long wooden expanse
and agreeing with each other in shrieks
(Lana laughed enough to pish her breeks).

You’re gorgeous though!

No, you’re feckin gorgeous!

We can’t talk enough
about family, sex and death,
breach labour, Nicola Sturgeon and the NHS.
It’s not every day you wait a decade or two
for a faux medieval candelabra
to shine down on your face
and make you feel like, at last,
you’ve found your rhythm,
your got-it-now place.



Thank you to Ciara for sharing this with us, and for allowing us to post it on the blog. You can follow here on TWITTER and check out her BLOG.

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