Have you not learned to write yet?

To re-launch the Moniack Mhor blog, we will be inviting visiting writers to contribute a story. Grace Cleary, who has visited us over sixteen times, starts us off.

Lyndy, one of the lovely staff members at Moniack Autumn Tree web sizeMhor asked me, on my tenth visit in nine years, ‘have you not learned to write yet?’  Well Lyndy, the answer is – yes, I have learned to write and I attribute all my publishing successes in that particular arena to Moniack Mhor.

It is my other home.  Once, sometimes twice a year I leave my home- home with a small suitcase, clean knickers, pen, paper, and joy in my heart, and make the journey to this place which gives me so much.   I know I will leave with the start of a new piece of writing, renewed determination and buckets of inspiration.  This privileged opportunity has formed me as a writer and given me the confidence  to send my stuff out there.  Encouragement  I have been given in abundance and I thank every tutor I have ever had there, for moving me on.  Moniack Mhor has never failed me.  Hence the reason I return.

I love the homeliness of the house with its log fires, the breath-taking beauty of the surroundings and the care given by a staff group who clearly love the centre as much as I do.

My recent visit was tutored by Janice Galloway and Jenny Erdal,  wonderful  writers who worked so hard and gave their all to make the week pleasant and productive.  And they succeeded in spades.

Moniack Mhor is the best value for money break I know.  The getting to know and sharing with fellow writers, the glorious food, the fun and games exercises, which everyone loves, make this a week to remember.

I will be sad if the day comes when I cannot make the journey to this safe, sure place.  The place where I ‘learned to write.’

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