Writing exercise #2: 50 Word Story

This week’s writing exercise is from the fantastic cabaret duo, Rally & Broad, who led performance poetry workshops for young writers in Wick and Merkinch this June.

Writing exercise #2 – 50 Word Stories

Create a story in fifty words. It can take prose or poetry form. As you write, consider the essential elements of a story, including plot, character, setting, etc. You choose the topic.

You may not be able to include descriptions of all of these elements in fifty words, but it is important for you as the writer to know the background. Readers can sense if characters and situations have depth; it is what keeps them reading. Making a few notes before delving in can make all the difference.

For examples of this, check out the Scottish Book Trust website.

Once you are finished, consider posting in our online forum where you can find additional exercises and meet other young writers. We would also love to hear how your other writing projects are going or if you something has you stuck.

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