Life in the Time of Coronavirus #17

The Moniack Mhor Writers Group, led by author Cynthia Rogerson, continue to meet remotely during 2021 while COVID-19 restrictions are ongoing. Thanks to Ian Tallach for sharing this wonderful image of the Wolf Moon, taken through his telescope on 27 January 2021, which perfectly complements his poem ‘Over the Moon’.

Over the Moon

I was in love with the moon till she jilted me
–  rejected by all of her kind
and their subtleties

Couldn’t breathe, couldn’t stand, couldn’t see,
I just sank to the floor of the ocean

Cursed is he who is free from her
milky-white kindness, from tenderness,
gentleness, whispered conspiracy

Cursed, cursed is he who is tethered
to nothing, unattached, unconcerned,
unallured by sorority

And thrice-cursed is he set adrift
from the cycles of nature and sentenced
forever to wonder –what’s happening?
–what are they saying? – these voices around me,
these musical voices, their cadence,
their verses are mysteries to me  

ebb and flow, ebb and flow, ebb and flow,
push and pull, in and out, time and tide
… wait for no man

Yes, I loved the moon till she jilted me
I was ill, I was burned to the core,
but I guess she was only a chapter in life,
or a story, no more … than a muse
I needed to grieve her, to break down and suffer,
before I could leave her … for you. 

Ian Tallach

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