Writing Exercise #7: Postcard Poem

This week’s exercise is the second of our two-part exercise from Cynthia Rogerson, focused on developing a lively setting for your story. Grab your work from last week and settle in for another ten minutes with your pen and paper.

If you didn’t get a chance to complete the exercise last week, you can find it here.

Writing Exercise #7: Postcard Poem

The object of this exercise is to create a poem with at least six lines that captures the place you described in the previous exercise. Imagine you are sending a postcard to someone from this place, and want to capture its essence for your reader.

Tap into your five senses and explore some of the memories or metaphors that arise when you think of it. There is no required structure for this poem, but if it helps you can write three couplets.

Once it is complete, feel free to share it with our community along with a picture if you have one! You can do this via our online forum or on Twitter or Facebook, if you prefer.

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