Writing Exercise #8: The Box Exercise

Today’s exercise comes from local poet and long time Moniack tutor, John Glenday.

Write three short paragraphs/verses/sections about a box.

Your box can be as real or as imaginary as you like. You can stretch the rules so that the box can be any container, or vaguely box shaped thing you can imagine. The important thing is to be as original and imaginative as you can.

Don’t spend a long time thinking about the topic. Instead, get writing and see where that takes you.

Don’t be afraid. Remember that no one can write exactly the way you do.

Use as many of the senses as you can: Sight, Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch. These help to make the description real and vivid for the audience.

Your piece will be composed of the following three sections:

Section One: What does the box look like?

Section Two: What is inside it?

Section Three: When will it be opened?

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